You want to cry. They treated live animals like toys by placing them in a vending machine [VIDEO]

Live animals have become prizes for players. A Chinese manufacturer came up with this idea of ​​rewarding him by locking the defenseless beings into a huge machine. A scandal is an understatement.

The animals suffered a cruel fate, and all this was provided by the game producer. He decided to put the live puppy and kittens in a closed box, thereby trying to encourage passers-by to play on his machine. Animals were a reward for the players. They waited for someone to win them, placed in small cages within the machine.

The producer closed the animals in the machine

A photo of a machine with live animals got into the network. The manufacturer has placed it in a shopping center in Shanghai, China. Passers-by were shocked to see the helpless creatures locked in a large machine. Although the animals were happy in the photo placed on the big box, the ones inside were definitely not. Puppies and kittens lived in scandalous conditions. They couldn't move, they didn't have a litter box, they were left with only a bowl of water and food ...

According to the Daily Mail, the owner of the machine was Yi Chong Yi Wu. The company put the machine on this site at the request of a customer who asked for it for a Halloween party! When pictures of the machine were leaked online, animal pro organizations responded immediately.

- Animals are not disposable toys. This is not a funny game, but a game for life and death - commented PETA. - Pets can be easily injured, incl. by dropping them multiple times. They seem to be dying in suffering from dehydration and hunger.

Internet users did not remain dry-threaded, the machine was immediately withdrawn. The producer apologized for putting it up, adding that no puppy or kitten had suffered in the game, while admitting that the animals looked a bit tired due to the machine's poor ventilation.

China and animals

In China, animals are categorized as "livestock" and are treated equally with pigs. For years, Western officials and animal rights activists have been fighting to change their treatment. Only recently has there been a breakthrough in China, and some cities have banned dogs and cats from eating. The regulation, which entered into force on May 1 in the city of Shenzhen, is due to the coronavirus epidemic, which was supposed to start at the live animal market in Wuhan.

As pets, dogs and cats have developed closer relationships with humans than all other animals, and banning dogs and cats and other pets is common practice in developed countries as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan, the city officials explained in an official statement. - This ban also meets the expectations of people in the developing human civilization.

It seems that banning dogs and cats around the world should be a matter of time. However, in addition to the ban on eating pets, there is also the issue of their treatment. Unfortunately, both in Poland and in the world, not everyone remembers that animals have feelings, need conditions and are not toys for a while. Animals should be looked after as if they were best friends. You can even go to jail for mistreating them.