The thief broke into the house in broad daylight. Great Dane pounced on him, but before that he tried to be friends

Great Dane welcomed the thief at home. The dog approached the man, sniffed his hand, then let himself be stroked. The thief was sure that he would continue to go smoothly, since he managed to convince the animal to himself. But that was not the case at all.

The Great Dane  pounced on the burglar who broke into the apartment. But before the dog noticed that it was an intruder, it tried to establish a relationship with it. The whole situation was recorded with a home camera and made available as a warning. First of all, you should always lock the door behind you with a key or a bolt, secondly, even a large dog can be convinced by a burglar, so it is worth training the animal.

Great Dane pounced on the burglar

The situation we describe took place at the beginning of 2020. There has been a break-in in Oklahoma in broad daylight. The thief simply pressed the handle, the door was open, so he stepped inside. It so happened that the owner of the apartment was at home at that time.  In an interview with journalists, she confessed that she was sure that it was her older son who had returned home. Especially that the dog did not react aggressively to the person who broke into the house.

The thief greeted the dog and went to explore the apartment. He was shocked that someone was in it. The owner named Tracy immediately raised the alarm with a scream. She was afraid not only for herself, but also for her younger, blind son, who was at home with her at that time. The boy couldn't help her, he didn't know what was happening.

The scream immediately alarmed the dog, who understood that this person was not welcome here. Great Dane pounced on the burglar.  His massive stature did its job, the thief decided to withdraw. The dog began to pull the person by the jacket, bite his clothes, became more and more aggressive. When he jumped on the man, he was much bigger than him, he quickly opened the door and threw his legs under the belt.

There was also another dog in the house, a tiny chihuahua.  As we know, these pets are famous for their noisy nature. The dog also gave a voice and barked for the thief to leave the house. The man certainly wasn't scared of the little dog, but he didn't stand a chance against the Great Great Dane and the owner. When the door closed, the woman called a police patrol. The uniforms took the report and on the same day they found a burglar wandering around the area.

- It changes everything. It changes your sense of security, how you feel, your self-confidence - added Tracey in an interview with the media.

Great Dane - the tallest dog

The Great Dane is a giant dog that can weigh up to 100 kilograms. He is much taller than sheepdogs, golden retrievers or St. Bernards. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the highest Great Dane, measuring 118.9 cm at the withers, was Zeus. In turn, currently the title of the largest living Great Dane is Freddie. The pet is 1,035 m high and lives with its owner Claire Stoneman and Fleur - his dog sister.