The puppy “attacked” the baby, we can’t stop laughing. The recording is a hit on the web

The recording of this event quickly became a real hit on the Internet. Over 17 million people have already watched them. If you're not one of them, it's worth catching up. The puppy's "attack" will make you laugh to tears!

The recording  shows the incredible bond that can connect a little man with a young dog. The yorkie puppy pounced on the baby, who couldn't help but join in the play. The child's mother, instead of intervening, recorded everything with the phone, to the delight of millions of Internet users who simply cannot stop watching a funny video. The woman was well aware of the fact that her baby is safe from the pet.

The recording of the puppy's "attack" will make you laugh to tears

In the film, we see a baby sitting quietly on a blanket spread out in the grass.  At one point, a Yorkshire Terrier puppy appears in the frame. The toddler still moves quite awkwardly, jumping up rather than running.

The dog quickly approached the child. And immediately he went to "attack". He started licking the boy and jumping around him on his short paws. Although Yorkies aren't big quadrupeds anyway, the puppy is really miniature size.

At first he tried to get in, on the back of the little child who was just a little bigger. When he failed, he changed his strategy. He planned to launch a frontal attack on the baby. First, however, he had to carefully assess his chances.

After the initial failure of trying to climb onto the infant's back, the pet refused to make another mistake. He closely watched the child's movements, trying to choose the best time for the final blow.

At last he saw his chance. He immediately started on the baby, jumping on him and licking his ear, cheeks and nose. His strategy turned out to be very successful. After a while, the baby landed on the shoulder blades.

The recording delighted the Internet users

Videos with animals are breaking popularity records on Youtube.  Many pet owners want their pet to see the whole world. Sometimes a gem like this one is found among home recordings. It's hard to say what's so fun in this little scene, it's even harder to tear your eyes away from it or stop the smile from pressing on your lips.

Although it is much easier to come across a funny movie with a cat, dog owners also try to reach the awareness of Internet users. Recordings of games with pets or blogs about life with a dog have recently broken popularity records.

Perhaps users of social media are looking for a getaway from the problems that we have recently experienced more and more. However, everything indicates that we are not dealing with a passing fashion.

As far as we are concerned, we have nothing against such trends, as long as no child or pooch suffers from them. However, it is worth remembering that we should not leave the little ones alone with the animals. We should always accompany them when playing together.