The owner did not have time to react, and the dog immediately jumped into the mud. The recording conquers the net

There was no stopping this dog! An enthusiastic cocker spaniel was racing down the hill after his favorite red ball. Even when it fell into the mud. What happened knocks you off your feet.

Each animal is unique in its own way and stands out from the rest. This cocker spaniel is famous for being an absolute mud lover! When his favorite ball landed in him, he did not hesitate to jump after it.

Unexpected bath

The dog's owner, Greg Moseley, took his dog Chester for a daily walk to a park in Hampshire. He also took the pet's favorite red ball and went up the hill with him. From there, she always tosses the toy dog, she rolls down, the cocker spaniel chases her.

This is traditional Chester and Greg play. However, when he went for a walk on December 5, something went wrong. The dog ran down the hill after the ball and disappeared somewhere under the hill. After a few minutes, the owner decided that help was needed and went downstairs to the dog.

As it turned out, rightly so. In the video, we see an enthusiastic cocker spaniel literally diving into the mud to find a ball in it! Chester is in the mud up to the tip of his nose, showing only the back of his nose and the occasional popping up head.

Chester was looking for his ball with great determination. He was so engrossed in searching that he didn't realize that the ball was lying next to him, on the surface of the mud. The dog didn't have to dive after her at all.

Distracted adventurer

The owner, seeing the dog's actions, tries to help him and point his hand at the ball. He apparently doesn't understand what's going on, but after a while he sees the indicated object and, diving into the mud again, finally retrieves the ball.

Greg hadn't expected something like this to happen. It wasn't his first walk in this place, and he had no idea there was such a huge swamp here. He was bursting with laughter at what the dog was doing, trying to find the ball at the bottom of a huge mud puddle.

When the dog got out of the mud with its prey, he didn't look unhappy. On the contrary, smeared from head to toe in muddy slime, he looks proud and very pleased with himself.

Cocker Spaniel is one of the most popular dog breeds. They are cute, sociable, and can be quite a bit of a mess - as shown by Chester on the recording. This breed was bred by hunters so that these dogs were used to track and scare woodcutters - charadriiformes hiding in the undergrowth of forests. That is why this dog perfectly found itself in such a forest mud.

The recording won the hearts of Internet users and they confirm that cocker spaniels are just like that. As one of them wrote: this is exactly what spaniels like best. My bitch could find mud even in the middle of the desert.

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