The owner closes the door behind her and the dogs go to work. Fantastic video circled the web

The dogs decided to help their owner with Christmas preparations. Unfortunately, due to their limited possibilities, usually such "help" is associated only with further workload. In this case, however, it was different. On this magical recording, the whole house has changed beyond recognition.

Dogs left unattended can make a lot of trouble. As the video below shows, some pets find a more creative outlet for excess energy. In an amazing directed video, pets from Hungary, while their owner was away, decorated the whole house for the holidays.

The dogs surprised the owner

Many people, after returning home, had the opportunity to come across a surprise left by their pet. Rarely, however, was it as pleasant as what the owner of the group of animals saw after entering the apartment.

While decorating your home before Christmas may sound like a lot of fun, in some homes it takes a lot of work. It can also lead to disputes about what the end result should look like.

The dogs from the recording wanted to spare their owners such dilemmas. When they went out to buy some gadgets, they set to work. After several dozen minutes of work, the house has changed beyond recognition.

The quadrupeds not only dressed the Christmas tree and replaced the rugs with ones that better suit the upcoming celebrations, but also packed gifts for all household members!

After a job well done, they decided to rest by the tree in the living room. The owner who found such a sight was shocked. She did not think any dog ​​could be capable of such a thing.

The dogs have undergone thorough training

Of course, we don't expect you to believe that they could have done it without prior training. Their owner is a dog trainer, which in this form encourages the owners to train with the positive method.

In the method of learning she offers, no penalties or rewards in the traditional sense are applied. The prize will be a sound issued by a special "clicker". At the beginning of training, the pet learns to associate it with pleasure.

Penalties are not applied at all, in line with the principle that the lack of reward and attention is severe enough for dogs.

Thanks to this bond of the owner with dogs, it was possible to produce this cute Christmas movie. We have to admit - although it is known that dogs would not do such a great job on their own, the recording is impressive!

Watch the video: