The man has an unusual way of transporting his 34 kg dog. You don’t want to believe

The man is really close to his dog. It's amazing how many adventures they go through together. When a fluffy doggie named Benji appeared in Andrew Laske's life, he couldn't have expected how special their friendship would be.

A man  and his four-legged friend undertake various activities. However, people are particularly impressed by his way of traveling with a 34 kg dog. The video featuring these lovely two became so popular that their fame soared to the top!

A man and an unusual dog

Benji came to Andrew as a puppy. The mixture of Saint Bernard and poodle is characterized by an exceptionally cute appearance - the large doggy is extremely fluffy and resembles a cuddly toy or a Muppet! A cute shaggy dog ​​is also a therapist dog. He helps his owner in difficult times and is his best friend.  That's why Andrew wanted to somehow repay the dog for the help he gets from him. It was all decided by chance.

When Benji was little, his owner, a sports and hiking fan, showed him how the treadmill works. The puppy liked it immediately. When he was 6 months old, he started accompanying his master on roller skating.  Later on, there were long hikes.

The man was overjoyed to be able to do all the things he loves in the company of a fluffy giant.  They went on trips together, played basketball and spent every free moment having fun and joint activities.

However, it was not the miraculous life of the owner and the dog that attracted the whole world. We only got to know the whole story of their friendship when  a video appeared on the web showing the man roller skating ... with his 34-kg dog on his back.

Awesome dog video

The film made an absolute sensation on the web. How did the  giant sit calmly in the owner's backpack and joyfully travel with him?  Like any other activity, for Benji it is just another adventure with his best friend.

- He loved it from the beginning. We started from my apartment in the lower Queen Anne district to the Ferris wheel and back again. Usually I would stop somewhere on my way for a happy hour beer! We don't travel very far as Benji weighs around 75 pounds [34 kg] but he loves every second of our trips  , the owner told the Daily Star.

We can see that over time the man started taking the dog not only on roller skates - Benji also had the opportunity to sit on the man's back while skiing or playing on a motorboat.

The man hopes that his beloved dog will accompany him in all activities as long as possible. This is his best friend with whom he has a really wonderful time. The backpack is meant to be the solution for when the pet starts to slow down, though Andrew hopes it never will.

“  No matter how old Benji is, he'll still do all these great things with me.  I don't care if I have to carry a 34kg dog on my back everywhere. I want him to be able to experience as much as possible throughout his life! - says Andrew in an interview with The Dodo.

I must admit that the eyes are filled with tears at the sight of how wonderful life this duo is leading. Be sure to watch Andrew walk around with his dog on his back below.