The huge St. Bernard saw you after a month of separation. There could only be one reaction, there is a video

A video showing a meeting of a lady with her dog will touch even the toughest man. It is hard to find a better proof of a dog's attachment to humans than the sight of such a greeting. It only lasted a month, but everyone knows that when you miss someone, 30 days is endless.

The video  shows how much we really mean to our pets. The huge St. Bernard is only 10 months old, but his size could scare many people! It is not known why his mistress was not home for a month, but the dog's reaction perfectly proves that a month is far too long. It's hard not to melt when you see such a welcome at home!

Welcome video

Separation is difficult not only for people. Every pet owner knows that  pets really become attached to their owners , and when they run out, they immediately worry and wonder where they went and when their beloved people will return.

This 10-month-old St. Bernard has not seen his mistress all month. It's a long time for a young pooch! The caretakers must have known that  they missed the owner a lot  because they had decided to record their meeting.

In the video, we see how an excited quad appears at the meeting point on the back of the car. When he gets out, it's hard to marvel at his size - despite his young age, he reaches almost to the elbow of the caregiver!

Meeting the lady

After a short walk, the waiting follows. The puppy probably doesn't quite know what awaits him in a few moments, but he patiently stands on the leash and listens to what the woman holding him is saying to him.

A moment passed before he realized that the babysitter was announcing the arrival of his beloved lady! We see  a young, slim woman approaching from afar , and the Saint Bernard, as if he did not believe it was her, perched on the grass, bewildered, squeaking softly.

However, when the lady approaches a few more steps and the dog recognizes her voice, she does not hesitate for a moment. After a short, joyful bark, he headed straight towards the longed-for owner!

Puppy joy

The giant puppy  falls right into the arms of the petite woman  and cannot contain her joy. Its powerful tail looks like it's about to break from vigorous wagging!

The doggy enjoys the meeting in the cleanest, most adorable way - just like animals can. He takes turns to be stroked and jumps up, offering his beloved lady kisses.

The video touched internet users and gained almost a million views! Comments are full of experiences of other pet owners and touched by the welcome words.

It is a great proof of how much love our pets have. They react in a wonderful way to a meeting after a long separation - maybe we should also show joy to others so openly?