The dog was so hungry it was eating its blanket – when the animal rescuers arrived, it could barely raise its head

Earlier this year, an emaciated dog weighing about 13 kilograms was found in Cocoa, Florida.

This poor dog named Daisy had a terrible time with his previous owner. The shelter staff were shocked to see him for the first time.

“Apparently the dog was not getting food. He was so hungry that he ate fragments of the blanket just to fill himself with something - said an employee of the shelter for WESH 2 station  .

A dog like this should weigh about twice as much at two years of age.

It was clear that the dog was being neglected. The way it was in bad condition could be seen at the time it was found.

Daisy's dog was practically skin and bone. He had difficulty even lifting his head, according to shelter staff.

This is not how animals are treated!

“It's terrible to see an animal like this… The dog could only lift its head slightly and wave its tail. The sight broke my heart, ”said an animal shelter worker.

Fortunately, this Labrador dog is in the right place on time. The Brevard Humane Society Shelter looks after all animals that arrive there.

Anyone who does not have the ability to look after their dog can always turn to an animal shelter for help. It shouldn't end like the case with Daisy. The dog was on its own because the owner could not or did not want to take care of him. This is just awful!

We have not been able to obtain any new information about this beloved dog. However, after he was found, animal shelter workers agreed that he would stay with them until he recovered. Only later was the time for a new house to be chosen very carefully. This dog deserves only the best in the future. Poor Daisy! We know so well what you need.

Below you can see a touching video: