The dog stayed for 2 days with the wounded female, which could not get up from the tracks. When the train came, an incredible thing happened

The bitch has not been able to get up from the tracks for two days. The faithful companion of misery all the time did not even step away, shielding her with his own body. When the cameraman approached to help the animals, a train arrived unexpectedly. He was very close now, but the animals were not moving. What had happened before his eyes made him freeze in disbelief.

The bitch  suffered serious injuries while crossing the railway tracks. She fell to the side and couldn't get back to her feet. She was accompanied by another dog, who could not leave his friend to his fate. To help her, he himself put himself in great danger.

The injured bitch could not escape the oncoming train

In the village of Cegłowka in the Ukrainian Transcarpathia, two dogs were lying on the railway tracks. One of them was seriously injured, so he could not go on any longer. He huddled in the middle of the tracks, mentally praying that no train would come their way.

The other animal could not leave the injured female, so it faithfully stayed by her side. The dog approached her and with his body shielded her from all danger.  However, when the train came, things took an unexpected turn.

Denis Malafeyev, the author of the film that touched the hearts of thousands of Internet users, accidentally saw this incredibly unpleasant sight. He immediately rushed to help, but the loyal dog did not let him get close to his friend.

The train was only a few meters away from the animals, so Denis stepped aside and pleaded not to let the worst happen. However, this did not stop him from taking his phone out and recording the shocking incident.

A dog's noble behavior brings tears to his eyes

When the animals and the oncoming train were only centimeters apart, the dog threw itself on the bitch's back and covered her with its own body. Thus, both pets huddled low enough on the tracks to avoid a fatal accident.

-  Several attempts to remove the animal from the tracks turned out to be fruitless, as the dog defended it from us in all possible ways! At one point, I noticed a train and stood next to me. Hearing the driver's signal, the dog approached the bitch, hugged and lay down next to her. The animals lowered their heads and the train ran past. Guys, the dog did that for two days in a row!  - wrote Denis Malafeev under the film.

Fortunately, after more attempts to get close to the quadrupeds, a couple of dogs were finally saved. Inseparable friends were transported to a nearby shelter, where they received medical attention and safe shelter.

It is unbelievable that these dogs, regardless of the passing trains and the mortal danger, stayed on the tracks for two days and did not let them approach each other. Their touching behavior is proof that the dog's loyalty and love is limitless.