The baby woke up unexpectedly to a huge pit bull. His reaction was immediate

Pitbull was sleeping soundly on the couch when the unexpectedly tiny baby decided to wake him from sleep. The dog didn't want anyone to disturb him, so there was only one thing he could do to chase the curious boy away. Parents captured a surprising scene on the recording.

According to many people, the Pitbull is an extremely formidable dog. It belongs to the species of dogs that make people tremble with anxiety. However, is the fear of these animals justified? Behaviorists ensure that any dog ​​of this breed that has undergone rigorous training should not behave aggressively. The only exception may be when he feels threatened or stands up for a loved one.

Pitbull grew up with a child

In this family, the pooch appeared before the baby was born. From the first moments when the son arrived at home, the parents taught the pit bull how to deal with the youngest member of the family in order to avoid jealousy attacks from their four-legged friend in the future.

Thanks to the joint upbringing with the pet, the little boy treated his pet like his best friend. He loved being in his company, playing with toys or cuddling him before going to bed. The toddler couldn't understand why anyone would be afraid of his adorable pet. He knew the pooch wouldn't even hurt a fly.

The pet's gentle attitude towards the child is the result of training. The owners showed the pit bull that with a little one, he must always keep his nerves in check and patiently endure his antics, and in return he would receive unconditional love from him. However, they did not know then what could happen when the boy grows older and begins to discover the world on his own.

The child's parents decided to break the harmful stereotype about their charge. The video that went online shows what the contact of a little boy with a "dangerous" dog looks like, and also proves that the pit bull's notoriety is not necessarily reflected in reality.

My son woke up the sleeping dog

In the released video, we see that the toddler approaches the dog sleeping on the couch and, for fun, begins to disturb him in his nap. The boy loves his four-legged friend so much that he can't help but kiss him and touch his head.

The parents watched this touching scene, carefully documenting the dog's reaction. It was only when the baby brought its mouth directly to his mouth that something amazing happened.

The unexpectedly awakened animal opened its eyes and immediately rushed towards the baby. Of course, he didn't hurt him, but he decided to serve him a series of wet kisses as a greeting. He licked his face in sympathy, and when the boy ran away to his mother, he returned to dreamland.

Incredibly, animals can behave in such a self-controlled manner even when someone is interrupting their well-deserved rest. Observing the behavior of the animal from the movie, you can believe that pit bulls are indeed extremely gentle and joyful dogs, which is why they are perfect for a home with children.