Pitbull was caught with the cat. The owner recorded an embarrassed dog

Pitbull is considered a steadfast tough guy among dogs who fear nothing. In fact, these menacing looking dogs are sensitive giants who love tenderness and caresses. This cute pit bull, the silver bitch, was caught by the owner in a situation that made her very embarrassed!

Pitbulls  must constantly clear themselves of allegations of being aggressive. Many people are afraid of powerfully built dogs, around which many myths have arisen. These cute giants are not aggressive by nature - they are affectionate dogs who, like any other breed, need a lot of care and love. You can see that the bitch from the video receives a lot of it and is a really cute pet!

Dog and cat

When the lady caught her dog with the cat, the bitch could not control her shame. The woman was recording an idyllic scene, but she did not expect to capture such a moment in the film! As it turned out, the dog was also  unprepared for this eventuality.

In the recording, we see a completely ordinary situation - a child is sitting on the couch while playing, and a dog and a cat meet in the middle of the living room. Each of us has an image of these two species at odds with each other, but we slowly begin to think that it has nothing to do with reality. Just see how these pets behave towards each other!

The ginger cat calmly walks over to the dog and starts sniffing it. The pitbull is also sniffing the cat, and after a while the purr begins to rub against it tenderly.  The charming bitch does not protest at all, and after a while she reciprocates the cat's nice gesture! When, after a short exchange of affection, the purr goes away, the doggie realizes what just happened.

Pitbull caught with a cat on video

When the pitbull looks up, he notices that  this friendly gesture hasn't gone unnoticed at all.  When he wants to leave the scene unnoticed, he quickly realizes that his mistress has been staring at him the whole time - with a camera too!

The embarrassed bitch glances at the lady as if she did not want to reveal that she enjoyed the friendly exchange of feelings with her domestic cat. After all, he is a tough, formidable dog! However, when the owner laughs at this lovely interaction, the bitch decides to forget about her shame and runs to the lady to be petted. I guess she'll need to quickly mend her doggy reputation with an innocent shoe bite or mess in the salon!