Chihuahua sees a newborn baby for the first time. Suddenly the dog couldn’t stand it, the parents recorded everything

A Chihuahua named Quica saw their owners' baby for the first time. The sight of the newborn made the pooch literally impressed. The freshly baked parents couldn't help but recorded their pet's incredible reaction.

Chihuahuas  are a breed of dogs that may seem harmless at first glance, but their tiny body has a great warrior spirit. Usually, representatives of this breed are courageous, cheeky and energetic. A miniature dog from Mexico is always looking for contact with its owner, it can be very jealous and possessive of him, so the arrival of a new family member may evoke extreme emotions.

The belligerent chihuahua saw the baby

The owners of a chihuahua dog named Quica were expecting a baby. Eddie and Yvonne were delighted to think that a tiny human would soon be joining their home, whom they would love so much, so they waited impatiently for the day of birth.

For nine months, the pugnacious Chihuahua took the role of guardian of her pregnant mistress. Under all circumstances, she bravely guarded Yvonne's belly.  As soon as a stranger approached her babysitter, she immediately attacked. She could not let any harm happen to the unborn child.

“  When I was pregnant Quica looked after me a lot and protected my belly. When my husband wanted to stroke or even touch my belly, Quica reacted immediately and snarled at my husband  , Yvonne recalls in the video.

When Eddie and Yvonne's baby were finally born, their parents took them home four days later. Since then, tiny Nicholas has become the apple of their eye, so chihuahua owners were a bit worried about how their pet will react to the baby.

Will Quica be happy to see her new half brother? Or maybe he won't be able to contain his jealousy?

The young parents decided to let the dog sniff the baby while keeping a close eye on its reaction. The way Quica has dealt with Nicholas is beyond belief.

The bitch went crazy with the impression

The moment the chihuahua saw its brother for the first time was documented by video. Yvonne and Eddie had high hopes that the bitch would be peaceful towards the baby, but her reaction exceeded all expectations.

Quica immediately leapt onto her back and began to wave her paws in excitement. In this way, she wanted to announce that she posed no threat to the baby. On the contrary - she is overjoyed to finally see him with her own eyes!

Seeing your pet's phenomenal reaction, don't worry. We can rest assured that Quica will take care of the safety of the new family member as she treats them like her own baby. We have no doubt that this duo is sure to become best friends.