Chihuahua hates to be separated from its master. Whenever anyone else takes it in their hands, they make an out-of-this-world number

Chihuahua is very closely related to its guardian. The dog does not want to leave the old man even for a step, so he does not like situations when someone else takes her in his arms. What she does when a stranger wants to hug her makes everyone laugh uncontrollably.

Chihuahuas  are quite dominant breed of dogs. It may be small, but it makes up for its size with character. These microscopic dogs are like brave lions living in tiny bodies! Although they do not seem threatening at first glance, they can scare people with their fighting attitude.

Chihuahua won't get off her master's lap

The attachment of dogs to their owners is unbelievable. Animals love their guardians to the grave, so they will stop at nothing to chase uninvited guests, and in exceptional situations - even protect them with their own body.  It is not without reason that it is said that for dogs we are their whole world.

This statement perfectly reflects the attitude of a certain Chihuahua dog. A video appeared on the web, which in just a few days became a worldwide hit on the Internet. All because of the funny dog ​​who loves his owner so much that he doesn't want anyone else to separate him from him.

Viral video shows a scene that amused Internet users to tears. The pooch's senior guardian is sitting on the armchair and expresses his consent for another man to take the animal in his arms. Whenever this one does, the little dog reacts in a fantastic way!

The dog "died"

When the Chihuahua was passed from hand to hand, it immediately froze. The tiny pet literally turned to stone! The man could twirl it in all directions, stroke the head or put it to the camera itself, but the quadruped did not even move. We have to admit that his acting is masterful!

Why did the pet behave in such a strange way?  Apparently the clever Chihuahua had the idea that if he pretended to be dead, sooner or later they would leave him alone and put him back on his owner's lap . To confirm these assumptions, the man gave the dog to the old man and waited for his reaction.

Of course, within a second, the toddler regained his vital functions and began barking at all gathered, defending his master. Exactly the same situation occurs when another person decides to check if the pet will petrify this time too. What a stubborn actor he is!