A scary video from a veterinary clinic. The woman had no qualms

In broad daylight, a beautiful corgi dog was stolen from a veterinary clinic. The woman left with the pet under her arm, not looking back. The cameras recorded everything.

A 21-year-old woman thought she could get away with stealing a dog. However, this did not happen, with the help of Internet users who were outraged by what they saw. On the video posted by the A.R.E. Animal Rescue in Hemet, California, you see a woman walking out of a building with her dog. The 21-year-old did not make a mistake when collecting the pet. She specially entered the clinic to take a beautiful purebred dog.

The woman stole the dog from the clinic

A woman entered the clinic with a little boy under the pretext of looking for a cat for adoption. Moments later, she grabbed a corgi dog that had undergone surgery and left the building with him. The dog was stunned with drugs, he did not know what was happening. Kai was castrated and rested after the procedure. The woman took advantage of this fact and took the pet with her.

When the shelter workers noticed that there had been a theft, they were devastated. They couldn't believe that someone had gone so far as to do so. He stole someone's puppy to possibly earn money. The owner of the shelter had to notify the pet sitter. As she admitted, it was one of the scariest calls she had ever made.

- It was really the worst call I had to make. I had to call the owner and tell her that someone had stolen her canine baby literally in front of our eyes - said Amber Schlieder in an interview with ABC 7.

The corgi keepers were very sad. They were not angry with the shelter workers, they only wanted to get the dog back. They wanted the little one to come home.

The theft of a dog was captured on cameras. The shelter notified the police about it, posted a video on Facebook. Internet users were outraged and began to look for the perpetrator. It turned out to be 21-year-old Chanel Groffo. She was arrested by the police and sent to prison awaiting trial. A deposit of 10 thousand. dollars.

Corgi happily returned home.

Corgi - what breed of dog is this

Corgi are shepherd dogs who stole the heart of Queen Elizabeth II and entered the salons from the pastures. They are characterized by a strong and quite stocky build, they have short legs and round eyes with a dark color. Corgi are compared to little foxes and all because of their beautiful tails. However, it is difficult to confuse these 2 creatures with each other because they are very different.

The dog of this breed is balanced and gentle. The owner should take care of his training, because if he learns bad corgi behavior, he will repeat it over and over again. The dog of this breed is very active and loves to play. He's not the kind of pet to spend all day on the couch. He likes to chase, run and search.