A faithful Labrador sat by the owner’s bed day and night. Unfortunately, he did not know that he was waiting in vain

A Labrador named Moose loyally stayed by the bedside of a seriously ill owner. Unfortunately, one day the man lost the fight for life. Though the animal did not understand why its master had disappeared somewhere for such a long time, it was still faithfully waiting in its place. Pictures taken in a hospital room can break your heart.

A Labrador-type dog proved that even death cannot shake love and loyalty towards its owner. The quadruped, who had had many terrible experiences in his life, thought that he had finally found a person with whom he would stay until the end of his days. As it turned out, the animal's expectations were completely different from reality.

Labrador has had a hard time in life

Moose, being a 3-year-old puppy in the type of one of the most popular dog breeds, has gone through a lot in his life. The animal was found at the railroad crossing. The previous owner tied it to a road sign and fled the scene.

The doggy soon ended up in a shelter for homeless animals, where he waited for another man to give him a chance for a better life. A long time passed, but no one was willing to adopt the abandoned Labrador. Due to an overcrowded shelter, there was a chance that if Moose was not adopted he would be euthanized.

Fortunately, the dog was transferred to another facility, where fate finally smiled at him. The animal not only won the hearts of local activists, but also charmed a man who was looking for a new friend.

- During the move, Moose made friends with volunteers - members of the Eleventh Hour Rescue organization wrote in a Facebook post - We were delighted with his happy personality and love for life.

The faithful dog stayed at the owner's side until the last moment

The dog went to a new home and everything indicated that he would stay there until his death. Unfortunately, ironically, it did just that, but it was Moose's owner who prematurely departed for the other world.

The man was taken to hospital, where he lost the fight against cancer shortly after. The guardian of the deceased dog owner tried to look after the dog for some time, but saw that he was unable to comfort him in such a difficult moment.

"Moose saw that its owner was not in the hospital bed, so he waited for him to come home," the deceased man's guardian relates.

The desperate Labrador returned to the shelter, where the volunteers found out about the traumatic event he had experienced. To increase his chances of being re-adopted, a heartwarming photo of the quadruped from the time he was waiting by the deceased's bedside was posted on Facebook.

Activists were shocked to find that the shelter's e-mail box had been lost in the news regarding the adoption of the most loyal dog. Moose eventually traveled to a family in New Jersey, who first contacted the shelter before the photo appeared on the internet.

As it turned out, the new family, which lost their 14-year-old pet in the recent past, quickly became very fond of the adopted Labrador. Looking at their photos together, we have no doubt that this feeling was reciprocated!

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*** 6/22/19 Update *** MOOSE HAS BEEN ADOPTED by a wonderful family who will care for and love him for the rest of his...

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Thank you, Eleventh hour rescue and Donna. We adopted internet fav, Moose, last week and he's doing amazing. He's adjusting very well and is a love bug. Thank you for all you do for the animals.

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