A 2-year-old girl wanted to examine a bull terrier. The dog’s reaction to the syringe is stunned

The bull terrier looked like something was wrong with him, so a 2-year-old girl decided to examine him. The child pulled out the little doctor's kit and approached the withdrawn quadruped. The parents were speechless as they saw what their charge was doing. The dog's reaction became a hit on the web.

The bull terrier , also known as the bull terrier, is a recognizable breed of dogs that stands out from other quadrupeds with its unique head shape. Although the dogs belonging to this variety have gained great popularity all over the world, unfortunately this breed still arouses extreme opinions. Some people consider it particularly dangerous, so they prefer to be safe in the presence of a bull terrier and not even approach it. But is it true that they pose a threat to the environment?

The bull terrier underwent a medical examination

Bull Terriers do not enjoy a good reputation among most pet lovers. While animal behaviorists continually call for more understanding towards dogs perceived as aggressive, humans tend to be stereotyped. It should be remembered that the behavior of animals depends largely on their upbringing. It is the responsibility of the pet owner to train the pet and discipline him for any unjustified manifestations of aggression.

Those who have never dealt with these dogs can only see them as bloodthirsty beasts ready to attack at any moment. The perspective of bull terrier keepers is completely different, as they know their pupils very well and know how much they can afford while playing together.

A 2-year-old girl was given a set of a little doctor as a gift. Wanting to check if all the tools needed to examine the patient worked flawlessly, she decided to test them on her bull terrier dog.

The parents wanted to capture this disarming moment on the camera, so they stood over the girl and her dog and pressed the record button. In the published video, we see that the child is sitting on the floor next to the black and white pet and takes out each of the surgical instruments in turn.

Patient for a medal

The caretakers watched as their sweet little daughter pretended to give the pet injections, looked inside the ears, and checked his heartbeat. During the examination, the patient pooch didn't even flinch! He does not protest and allows the 2-year-old to involve him in innocent fun.

Seeing his surprising reaction, it's hard to contain his surprise. Hardly any dog ​​has such a lot of patience. While some viewers expected the dog to react aggressively towards the baby, the gentle pet didn't even think of it.

Let's not forget that animal aggression is rooted in fear. Dogs usually attack when they feel they are in danger, so people should be more aware of their own behavior.